iPhone 5 vs ClearJoy


After three years, it’s time to replace my aging iPhone 3GS with something current. The iPhone 5 has intrigued me since its inception. Lightning fast, fashion model slim, it’s the intersection of evolved technology and industrial design. After months of phonus envy, the only question is “Where do I sign?”.

But something new is about to appear. Maybe not quite on the horizon, but just over it. It’s called ClearJoy, and it’s a whole new platform, a different way of looking at things. Based on technology called Augmented Reality, ClearJoy really could be the Next Big Thing.

As the name implies, the device offers a clear screen, about the size of a 4” x 6” photo frame. It carries four moveable, HD cameras. Military-grade GPS. Superhero processing power. Sensors with embedded gesture recognition. Transparent, and long-lasting battery.

And that’s just the hardware.

ClearJoy integrates what you’re seeing with pretty much anything the Internet can offer. Aim it a tree in the forest and it will instantly recognize the species and link to anything you need to know about it. Aim it a book, and access an accompanying world of images and videos. Aim it at a pair of running shoes, and it’ll show you the features, and today’s price. Aim it at someone you know and it’ll connect automatically to Facebook.

Imagine gaming with ClearJoy, with gestures to control actions – plus game-based characters running in your own living room or backyard. Imagine photography or video. Instead of shoving a screen in someone’s face, simply “frame” the shot with your thumb and middle finger, and then “click” with your forefinger.

Best of all, ClearJoy is designed to connect wirelessly to the smartphone you already own (or in my case, plan to own).

3D and Surround Sound have enhanced the movie experience. But Augmented Reality as delivered by ClearJoy could be more of a game-changer. A whole new way of not just looking at the world and connecting to the Internet, but of experiencing it. Shopping. Education. Entertainment – it’s all about to transform.

Stay tuned for more. In the meantime, check it out at http://www.getclearjoy.com/


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